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Anti-cancer Properties of Cannabis – Cannabis Matrix

Video by : Dr. Jake Felice – 2019.02.14

Cancer patients using cannabis have better quality of life compared with those who do not, including decreased anxiety, lower pain, and less depression, as well as increased appetite and an improved sense of well-being. 

 Episode 002 discusses why and how the anti-cancer properties in cannabis may be important for cancer patients.   

Emerging science is showing promise for cannabis and cancer pain, as well as for many other areas such as nausea and appetite stimulation, and many patients have had good success with cannabis as an adjunct to their conventional treatments. 

Complex diseases such as cancer are also increasingly being viewed as resulting from dysfunctions of  multiple genes, proteins, and networks of biologic pathways.  Therapeutic strategies addressing cancer pathology are therefore moving from targeting individual biochemical pathways to targeting entire inducing pharmacologic networks. 

The robustness of healthy biological networks is their ability to withstand disturbances both internal and external disturbances.  If a disease alters the complex equilibrium of physiology, the recovery of that equilibrium is a promising venue for clinical research.  It is a major rationale for full-spectrum botanical approaches. 

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