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Can Hemp Clean Nuclear Waste in Fukushima?
Video by : Living Ultra-Violet – 2017.02.07

US Cannabis Control Law affects Japan’s Fukushima Clean-Up.

Following the devastating environmental damage caused by the Fukushima meltdown, Japan is considering using hemp to aid their cleanup efforts. However, due to the Cannabis Control Law forced into Japanese law by the occupying U.S. powers in 1948, hemp may only be grown under license, which are highly restricted and difficult to obtain.

Hemp could potentially benefit hundreds of thousands of sites across the globe—it is estimated that in the USA alone there are 30,000 sites requiring remediation. And let’s not forget that the radioactive waste from the Fukushima disaster is now washing up on America and Canada’s west coast.

Asking for help from Hemp.

In this video, Dr. Masaru Emoto talks about industrial hemp as a solution to the Fukushima Nuclear Disaster, and may help provide some more answers to any lingering questions on why hemp is such a proven and valuable tool in the fight to repair human-inflicted damage to our soils and ecosystems.

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