[VIDEO] Cannabis and COVID-19 Research Doctor Speaks – Dr. Igor Kovalchuk on Weed Talk Now! | WeedOnTV | Cannab0s | Info News

Cannabis and COVID-19  Research Doctor Speaks – Dr. Igor Kovalchuk on Weed Talk Now!

Video by : Pro Cannabis Media – 20 mai 2020

It’s not the weed version of the missing link, but Canadian Researcher Dr. Igor Kovalchuk has released a scientific study on the interaction of the cannabis sativa plant and Covid-19. His results are based on 3D tissue modeling provided by MIttek inc in Ashland, MA. That company is also right in the middle of the Massachusetts Coronavirus hotspot,. Their offices were visited by Governor Charlie Baker last week and  received recognition for their production of hand sanitizer during the pandemic.. Even though his study is not peer reviewed yet, Dr. Kovalchuk’s results may pave the way for more research, at least in Canada where it’s a federally legal substance to study, while the United States has been thwarting research illegally according to international law.

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