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Cannabis Forum 2019 : Building a Premium Cannabrand

Video by : NOSH – 2019.07.29

Kristi Knoblich Palmer is cofounder of Kiva Confections, one of the most recognized cannabis companies in California. Kristi is the driving force behind Kiva’s customer service philosophy and has created and applied best practices in sales, distribution and marketing to cannabis operations. Kiva serves the states of CA, AZ, NV, IL, MI and HI with its high-quality edibles, as well as provides category leaders in other verticals through its distribution company, Kiva Sales and Service. Kristi is passionate about creating a healthy regulatory environment for the cannabis industry. She serves as the Board President for CCIA and is a founding Board member of CCMA, two reputable California cannabis trade organizations.Recorded during Cannabis Forum Summer 2019 in New York City.