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How to Make a SIMPLE Cannabis Tincture

Video by : Reveal Cannabis – 2019.03.02

Learn how to make a SIMPLE cannabis cupboard tincture in this quick video.

By soaking the cannabis in alcohol, you get all the benefits of the plant (the cannabinoids like THC and CBD) extracted into the liquid. After straining out the plant material, you’re left with a tincture. Then you can easily and discreetly give yourself a dose of cannabis when you need it.

There are three ways you can take your tincture after it’s made. Remember that these scenarios below assume you’re at the right dose. I always recommend to clients to START LOW AND GO SLOW. Taking very small amounts of THC and/or CBD is extremely effective for some people. However, if you’re not getting relief, continue increasing your dose until you find your sweet spot.

1. If you’re able to hold the tincture under your tongue for about 30 seconds (sublingual) you should feel relief after 10-15 minutes and it will last for 1-4 hours. The same goes if you use the honey method I mention in the video.

2. If you swallow the tincture (in juice for example) you’ll feel relief in 30 minutes to 2 hours and the relief lasts 2-4 hours.

3. And if you make the tincture into gummies, you can expect to feel it ‘kick in’ after 1-3 hours and to last 6-8 hours.

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