[VIDEO] Medical Cannabis Legalisation in Thailand

Medical Cannabis Legalisation in Thailand

Video by : NewsOps – 2019.03.29

Thai Medical Cannabis: A leap forward for Thai medicine or a possible government marijuana monopoly?

NewsOps interviewed Dr. Surachote Tangwiwat, Deputy Secretary General of the FDA Thailand, Ministry of Public Health, on the matter.

We found out:

– Why are Thai Government agencies planning to invest over a billion baht in cannabis research while private entities are not allowed to enter the market (without working with a government agency) for five years?- Does cannabis need to be registered as a drug in Thailand?- Who can grow cannabis in Thailand for medical use?- Who can use cannabis for treatment?- Who can prescribe cannabis to patients in Thailand?- Where can cannabis be prescribed to patients in Thailand?- Why is Thailand’s Government Pharmaceutical Organisation growing cannabis from Spain when local strains are available?  – When can private organisations invest in the cannabis-based medical drug market?- Now that cannabis is legalized for medical use, why not import cannabis-based medical drugs? Why wait and conduct research from the ground up while there are people in urgent need of this medicine?

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