ScoopWhoop: Drinkers Vs Stoners (2017.03.04)

By :ScoopWhoop

The age old rivalry between the bottle and bong, the sip and the trip, daaru and the reefer is here! And we list out the ‘high’s and lows.

Credits –

Actors – Narender Bhutani, Tushar Joshi, Ishan Ratnam, Ankit Doomra

Director – Roshni Kumar

Concept – Rohit Bhattacharya

Script – Roshni, Prithwish, Luke

DOP – Abhijeet Chaudhari

Editor – Manmohan Bhardwaj

Graphics – Taranveer Singh

Production Coordinator – Ankit Doomra, Austin

Music – Vishrut Pande

Sound – Dhananjay Singh

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