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Sha Mi – « Do WrΦng ft Tay Dayne » #HipHop

Worldwide collective work  : Written by Tay Dayne Cover by Payal Kundu   Animated by Vortexovvision Processed by SyntonieRecorded, produced, mixed & mastered by Sha Mi in Brooklyn,no studio, all home made.-If you feel yourself being drawn into fear due to conspiracy theories or feelings of being out of control during the pandemic and what is going to happen, then you will more than likely still be experiencing and living in 3D consciousness.Currently we are shifting into a much higher vibration on the planet. Some people strongly resist and others feel the calling intensely.This higher form of energy has caused people to experience a shift in their consciousness and their perception of reality. Things they chased 3D consciousness for happiness may now appear empty or fake.This energy field will cause most people to shift from the lower “3D consciousness” into a more enlightened 5D reality. Some will hold rigidly to the old 3D paradigms of suffering.We all need to break through our preconceptions of reality and limitations of who we believe we are in order to make the leap into 5D. The Earth is ascending through a monumental shift of consciousness into the 5th Dimension. The New Paradigm of the 5D is a magical mind state. It’s a place of harmony, happiness and interconnectivity, where all life is respected and cherished. Gone is the disconnect from your divine source. You live in alignment, your purpose is not to grind and graft for some material outcome, rather to explore the abundance of this universe, to learn, evolve and grow.The 5D consciousness state runs on unity consciousness and respecting each other’s individualism, expansiveness, higher perspective, knowing, awareness and love.

Release date : 7 dec. 2020