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Should Cannabis Be Legalised? | Big Questions with Big Narstie #UK

Video by : Penguin Books UK – 2020.03.26

Big Narstie joined us to answer our biggest questions on legalisation, God, music and more.

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This book is for da real Gs and ladies.

Thing is, I could tell you I’m a grime pioneer, a successful media mogul and one of Britain’s most recognised personalities, but like I always say — men lie, women lie, numbers don’t.

So here’s some numbers. 3: that’s how many days man lasted at a posh all-boys’ school before getting kicked out. 25: my schoolteacher told me I’d be dead or in prison by that age (cheers cuz). 6: the number of awards I’ve got for my music and TV work so far. 15,000: the crowd size I was performing to ninety minutes after leaving my dad’s funeral. 144%: that’s how much The Big Narstie Show increased Channel 4’s black audience.

Then there’s 34. That’s the age, now, where I’m gonna tell you some of my story and show you how you can change yours. I won’t tell you how to live your life. Although, well, I might a little bit: how to survive school and college, how to get a job, how to deal with family, friends, love and PAIN. How to live your own life, not someone else’s. How to be Narstie.

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