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The Morning Buzz presented by TRICHOMES brings you late-breaking news that tells you what’s happening within the cannabis industry.


The Morning Buzz presented by TRICHOMES brings you late-breaking news that tells you what’s happening within the cannabis industry.


**One Las Vegas company is taking a gamble on the wholesale market, Aurora could be in some hot water, and whether you’re superstitious or just a little-stitious, you won’t want to miss the last story. It’s Friday, March 13th, and this is your TRICHOMES Morning Buzz.

**First, the world’s largest cannabis dispensary is entering the wholesale market

According to Benzinga, Planet 13 has announced it’s entering the wholesale market after strong performances of their own in-house brands. The brands include HaHa Gummies, Dreamland Chocolates, TRENDI, Leaf & Vine, and Medizin, which set a record of $1 million in combined sales at Planet 13 in February.

Currently, the brands are available in a few select dispensaries in Las Vegas. However, over the course of the first six months of 2020, Planet 13 intends to roll out the brands to dispensaries across Nevada.

« Our customers have a unique connection to our products, they watch as Dreamland Chocolates are poured in front of them, as Haha Gummies are molded. This unique experience combined with our award-winning packaging, and a product that meets the brand promise of a great tasting uplifting experience results in a product that flies off the shelf,” said Larry Scheffler, co-CEO of Planet 13.

** What would a cannabis news briefing be without mentioning Aurora? This time, actions from Aurora Cannabis are raising collusion allegations
According to Yahoo Finance, a massive quarterly sales increase at a small cannabis extraction firm with ties to Aurora Cannabis is raising allegations of collusion and inflated sales. Accounting experts also point to a lack of transparency for investors around the relationship between the two Edmonton-based companies.

Sales surged 805 percent quarter-over-quarter to $11.2 million at Radient Technologies in its recently reported fiscal third quarter of 2020. The company stated in financial filings that all of its revenue in the three months ending Dec. 31, 2019 came from one customer. Yahoo Finance Canada has confirmed through the company that the customer was Aurora.

Aurora and Radient share a number of ties. The firms signed a five-year agreement in 2017 under which Radient processes Aurora’s cannabis into extracts. Aurora owns an approximately 12 percent stake in Radient. Allan Cleiren (CLARE-EN), Aurora’s chief operations officer, sits on Radient’s board of directors. Terry Booth, Aurora’s founder, and former chief executive officer previously held a board position.

While the companies may not be explicitly required to spell out the full extent of their relationship, Kathryn Bewley, an accounting professor at Ryerson University’s Ted Rogers School of Management, says investors deserve more transparency. She said Aurora clearly exerts significant influence over Radient, especially while it remains the company’s chief source of sales.

“In a different scenario, Radient could be a department or division of Aurora, instead of being a separate incorporated entity,” she said. “They’re obviously a hand-in-glove kind of relationship.”

**In happier news, the EU has received 45 novel food applications for CBD products

An article from Hemp Industry Daily says, the European Commission has received 45 applications for novel food authorization for CBD-containing products.

The applications have chiefly come from the Netherlands, the UK, the Czech Republic, Slovenia, Switzerland, and the United States, a commission source said. CBD products in the European Union have been in murky legal territory since January 2019, when the European Union classified all hemp extracts and hemp-derived products containing CBD and other cannabinoids as “novel food.”

Under the novel food designation, manufacturers of CBD supplements and edible products must be assessed by EU authorities before the products can be placed on the market.

According to the commission, a “novel food’ will only be authorized if it is safe for consumers, properly labeled, does not mislead consumers, and is not nutritionally disadvantageous when replacing a similar food.

**And last up today, would you ever use cannabinoid-infused hand sanitizer? Maybe you should.

According to a press release, Global Cannabinoids announces the immediate availability of cannabinoid-infused hand sanitizer for white label and private label customers in bulk and wholesale. With the surging demand for antibacterial hand sanitizers, the formulations team at Global Cannabinoids has added the antibacterial effects of CBD and CBG to 65% ethanol-based gel along with Vitamin E.

Why cannabinoids? It has been long-known that cannabinoids possess antimicrobial properties.

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