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Traditional Dry Sieving, Rif Mountains, Morocco

Video by : Frenchy Cannoli – 18 nov. 2019

The seasonal drumming sound used to reverberate through the mountain valleys. In the ’70s the Moroccans were using exactly the same tools but there is a major difference in the process and it is not really an improvement. In the ’70s the sieve material was set like a pocket against the container where you placed the plant material and then you would stretch the hard plastic tight as a drum skin over it. The beating would agitate the plant material on the sieve. The harder you beat the plant material the more it would jump against the sieving surface, like a trampoline. The first beating would be very light and would increase in force by increments. Today, the process is more like a beating through the perforations of the sieve and no longer a gentle agitation as more broken leaf matter material is pushed through the perforations with the trichomes.