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Weed Legalization Starts with Debunking the Brain Cell Myth

Video by : Quantum 9, Inc – 2018.01.12

Though the US has made a lot of strides toward weed legalization in the last few years, we still have a long way to go. For decades there’s been so much misinformation spread in our culture, and it’s made the weed legalization process much more difficult than it needs to be.

One of the most prevalent myths about weed is that it “kills your brain cells.” In this video, we’ll tell you all about the inaccurate study that spread this lie, and in turn, set weed legalization back many years.

People against weed legalization talk a lot about how bad marijuana is for your brain. We’ll tell you about the ample amount of research to the contrary. There are so many diseases, both mental and physical, that weed can help manage.

Check out this video if you want to learn the facts on how useful marijuana can be. At the end, we’ll tell you how you can join in and help fight the good fight of winning weed legalization.

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Video Script:

Intro: In the US, weed is legal or decriminalized in 29 states, yet we’re still a long way off from legalizing marijuana on the federal level.

There are many reasons why these impractical laws are still in place, but, there’s one in particular that you’ve most definitely heard… “weed kills your brain cells!”

Today, we’ll be debunking this myth and fill you in on some of the many positive things weed actually does for the body and mind.

The Monkey Myth

In 1974, Doctor Robert Heath conducted a study where a group of monkeys smoked weed every day. In 3 months, the monkeys all suffered from dystrophy and many died.

After that, President Nixon deemed that weed killed your brain cells and was too dangerous to use. Except they conveniently left out that these monkeys were smoking 63 Colombian strength joints a day!

Not to mention, they inhaled the smoke through gas masks. Meaning the monkeys were suffocating. Lack of oxygen kills brain cells, not weed!

This inaccurate study has determined the process of weed legalization for over four decades.

Let’s talk about the research that got it right.

The Colorado Study

A 2015 study in Colorado found that people who smoked weed daily didn’t have any difference in brain structure from non-users.

To be extra thorough, researchers paired up subjects of the same age who consumed the same amount of alcohol and suffered from similar levels of depression or anxiety.

In the end, the results showed less than a 1% difference, even in adolescents.

We hear a lot about how weed is bad for the body and brain. Instead, let’s talk about all the good it can do.

Pain Relief

There’s lots of research out there to prove that a little THC can do wonders for people suffering from chronic pain.

In this country, people are becoming addicted to prescription opiate pain relievers at a tragic rate. For pain management, having access to a safe drug like weed could save a lot of lives.

Weed for Cancer Patients

Marijuana has been proven to provide a lot of relief to cancer patients.
It can help with appetite, sleep patterns, pain management and issues with nausea caused by cancer treatment.

Weed has also helped with treatment for other diseases like epilepsy and MS. Who knows how many other ailments it could treat if it was easier to use it for medical research.
Medical Research

Weed is classified as a schedule one drug, along with LSD, heroin and cocaine. This makes it incredibly difficult to get approval from the DEA to use it in medical studies.

There’s been evidence that weed could help people manage PTSD, inflammatory diseases, heart health… even acne!

These are just a few reasons why marijuana should be legalized. If you’ve been inspired to help with the effort to legalize weed, contact your state representatives and tell them how you feel.

Only the people can bring this impractical and immoral law against weed legalization to an end, and we encourage everyone to take this information and make that difference. Every vote counts!

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