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Whose War on Drugs? | #BHeard Town Hall

Video by : BRIC TV

In the 1970’s, President Nixon declared a “War On Drugs.” Billions of dollars have since been spent, millions of people incarcerated, and nearly forty years later, we are still no closer to a solution. This so-called war disproportionately targets, prosecutes and incarcerates people of color. Here in New York, more than 80 percent of those arrested for marijuana are black or Latino, despite similar rates of use among white people, and today, the city is seeing a rise in opioid use and an alarming increase in drug overdoses.

On May 23rd, we brought together stakeholders, thought leaders and Brooklyn’s communities to truly challenge the idea behind America’s longest-running war, and asked: Who benefits from this war? How can we begin to reverse the collateral damage to our communities? And how do we bridge the gap between public health and the criminal justice system?


-Kassandra Frederique – New York State Director, Drug Policy Alliance

-Eric Gonzalez –  Kings County District Attorney

-Dr. Hillary Kunins – Asst. Commissioner, Dept. of Health and Mental Hygiene

-Tom Robbins – Contributing Writer, The Marshall Project

-Chino Hardin – Field Director, Center for NuLeadership on Urban Solutions

In partnership with the Marshall Project and Drug Policy Alliance.–

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